Ochanomizu University
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Ochanomizu University has been a pioneer of women's education in Japan since it started as Tokyo Women's Normal School, Japan's first institute of higher education for women, in 1875. Throughout its history, the university has produced many women playing leading roles in various fields of society. In the field of science, the university has educated many women capable of contributing to pioneering research, development of technology and education of science.

Carrying on the traditions, our Faculty of Science aims to provide students with more opportunities to develop their ability in the current cutting-edge technologies and science.

Today, technologies are advanced very fast and researches of science expands to vast areas. However, looking back on the history, we recognize them founded on the basic science. The study of basic science will help you to understand the basis of cutting-edge technologies and science, and provide you a lot of clues for your curiosity in science to lead up to real development at the front line of research.

We also offer the programs to encourage students to study under global environment that will help them to extend their view and find their potentials.

Last update: 2015/07/27
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