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原著論文 Original Articles

Yoshiro Imura, Motoki Maniwa, Kazuki Iida, Haruna Saito, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Preparing Alumina-Supported Gold Nanowires for Alcohol Oxidation"
ACS Omega 2021, Vol. 6, p.p. 16043-16048.
(American Chemical Society)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Kunihiro Fukuda, Haruna Saito, Motoki Maniwa, Yusuke Kurihara, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Highly Stable Silica-Coated Gold Nanorods Supported on Alumina"
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 2021, Vol. 94, p.p. 1685-1689.
(The Chemical Society of Japan)
Selected Paper
Yoshiro Imura, Ryota Kan, Ryota Akiyama, Haruna Saito, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Magnetic Fe3O4-supported gold nanoflowers with lattice-selected surfaces: Preparation and catalytic performance"
ACS Omega 2020, Vol. 5, p.p. 15755-15760.
(American Chemical Society)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Hiroki Kataoka, Haruna Saito, Muneharu Minakawa, Clara Morita‐Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Morphological Stability and Catalytic Performance of Supported and Unsupported Dendritic Gold Nanowire Catalysts"
ChemistrySelect 2019, Vol. 4, p.p. 9908-9914.
Clara Morita-Imura, Yuka Sakurai, Anna Uchiumi, Hitoshi Shindo,
"Ion-selective molecular inclusion of organic dyes into pH-responsive gel assemblies of zwitterionic surfactants"
New Journal of Chemistry 2019, Vol. 43, p.p. 8465-8471.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Clara Morita-Imura, Saeko Mita, Hitoshi Shindo,
"Effect of the Air/Water Interfacial Properties of Amine Derivatives on the in Situ Fabrication of Microsized Gold Sheets"
Langmuir 2019, Vol. 35, p.p. 4029-4036.
(American Chemical Society)
Yoshiro Imura, Ryota Akiyama, Shinya Furukawa, Ryota Kan, Clara Morita-Imura, Takayuki Komatsu,Takeshi Kawai,
"Au-Ag nanoflower catalysts with clean surfaces for alcohol oxidation"
Chemistry-an Asian Journal 2019, Vol. 14, p.p. 547-552.
Yoshiro Imura, Hiroki Kataoka, Ryota Akiyama, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Preparation and Reconstruction of Long Branched Palladium Nanowires Exhibiting High Catalytic Activities"
ChemistrySelect 2018, Vol. 3, p.p. 13387-13390.
Yoshiro Imura, Takuya Mori, Clara Morita-Imura, Hiroki Kataoka, Ryota Akiyama, Hiroki Kurata, Takeshi Kawai,
"Preparation and length control of water-dispersible ultrathin gold and silver bimetallic nanowires"
Colloids and Surfaces A 2018, Vol. 543, p.p. 9-14.
Yoshiro Imura, Yoshikazu So, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"pH-Responsive Supported and Unsupported Gold Nanocrystals"
ChemistrySelect 2017, Vol. 2, p.p. 5695-5700.
Yoshiro Imura, Shiori Koizumi, Ryota Akiyama, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Highly Stable Silica-Coated Gold Nanoflowers Supported on Alumina"
Langmuir 2017, vol. 33, p.p. 4313-4318.
(American Chemical Society)
Clara Morita-Imura, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Ion-specific effect on oil-in-water emulsion gels containing a stimuli-responsive fibrous assembly of amidoamine-derivative hydrogelator"
Journal of Oleo Science 2016, Vol. 65, p.p. 985-991.
(Japan Oil Chemists' Society)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Kunihiro Fukuda, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Water and Organic Solvent Dispersible Gold Nanorods that are pH responsive"
ChemistrySelect 2016, vol. 1, p.p. 5404-5408.
Clara Morita-Imura, Katsuya Zama, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai, Hitoshi Shindo,
"Stimuli- responsive extraction and ambidextrous redispersion of zwitterionic amphiphile-capped silver nanoparticles"
Langmuir 2016, vol. 32, p.p. 5026-5030.
(American Chemical Society)
Clara-Morita Imura, Takuya Mori, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Dendritic Gold Nanowires Supported on SiO2 Nanoparticles Fabricated by Seed Growth Method"
New Journal of Chemistry 2016, vol. 40, p.p. 3607-3611.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Hitoshi Shindo, Tatsuya Sasaki, Kaoru Hashimoto, Masaki Moriya, Clara Morita-Imura, Kaori Niki,
"Micro-scale Friction and Wear at Orthorhombic BaSO4(001) surface"
Tribology Online 2016, vol. 11, p.p. 608-613.
(Japanese Society of Tribologists)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Shinya Furukawa, Kenichi Ozawa, Clara Morita-Imura, Takeshi Kawai, Takayuki Komatsu,
"Surface clean gold nanoflower obtained by complete removal of capping agents: an active catalyst for alcohol oxidation"
RSC Advances 2016, vol. 6, p.p. 17222-17227.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Clara Morita-Imura, Takahiro Kobayashi, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai, Hitoshi Shindo,
"pH-induced recovery and redispersion of shape-controlled gold nanorods for nanocatalysis"
RSC Advances 2015, vol. 5, p.p. 75889-75894.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Clara Morita-Imura, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai, Hitoshi Shindo,
"Recovery and redispersion of gold nanoparticles using a self-assembly of pH sensitive zwitterionic amphiphile"
Chemical Communications 2014, vol. 50, p.p. 12933-12936.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Yoshiro Imura, Katsura Tsujimoto, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Preparation and catalytic activity of Pd and bimetallic Pd-Ni nanowires"
Langmuir 2014, vol. 30, p.p. 5026-5030.
(American Chemical Society)
Yoshiro Imura, Satoshi Hojo, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Preparation of Silica-Coated Ultrathin Gold Nanowires with High Morphological Stability"
Langmuir 2014, vol. 30, p.p. 1888-1892.
(American Chemical Society)
Yoshiro Imura, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Reversible dispersion-precipitation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using pH change and addition of organic component"
New Journal of Chemistry 2013, vol. 37, p.p. 3607-3611.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
塚崎舞, 小松恵美子, 森田みゆき, 岡村聡, 森田くらら, 伊村芳郎, 河合武司,
繊維学会誌, 2013年, 69巻, p.p. 198-204.
Open Access
Clara Morita, Yoshiro Imura, Tetsuya Ogawa, Hiroki Kurata and Takeshi Kawai,
"Thermal sensitive viscosity transition of elongated micelles induced by breaking intermolecular hydrogen bonding of amide groups"
Langmuir, 2013, vol. 29, p.p. 5450-5426.
(American Chemical Society)
Clara Morita, Hiromitsu Tanuma, Chika Kawai, Yuki Ito, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Room Temperature synthesis of two-dimensional ultrathin gold nanowire parallel arrays with tunable spacing"
Langmuir 2013, vol. 29, p.p. 1669-1675.
(American Chemical Society)
Clara Morita, Chika Kawai, Katsura Tsujimoto, Keita Kasai, Yuki Ogue, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"High organogelation ability and soft-templating for ultrathin Au nanowires of long-chain amidoamine derivatives"
Journal of Oleo Science 2013, vol. 62, p.p. 81-87.
(Japan Oil Chemists' Society)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Ayumi Maezawa, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Neuron-shaped Au nanocrystals and 2D dendric Au nanowires fabricated using a long-chain amidoamine derivative"
Langmuir 2012, vol. 28, p.p. 14998-15004.
(American Chemical Society)
Clara Morita, Chika Kawai, Aoi Kikuchi, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Effect of amide moieties for hydrogelators on gelation property and heating-free pH responsive gel-sol phase transition"
Journal of Oleo Science 2012, vol. 61, p.p. 707-713.
(Japan Oil Chemists' Society)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Fractionation of Au nanomaterials using selective adsorption of a long-chain amidoamine derivative"
Chemistry Letters 2012, vol. 41, p.p. 603-605.
(The Chemical Society of Japan)
Clara Morita, Tetsuya Aoyama, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Novel thermo-responsive coloring phenomena in water/surfactant/oil emulsions"
Chemical Communications 2011, vol. 47, p.p. 11760-11762.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Clara Morita, Hiroki Sugimoto, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Double-stimuli Responsive O/W Emulsion Gel Based on a Novel Amidoamine Surfactant"
Journal of oleo science 2011, vol. 60, p.p. 557-562.
(Japan Oil Chemists' Society)
Open Access
Yoshiro Imura, Hiromitsu Tanuma, Hiroki Sugimoto, Reizo Ito, Satoshi Hojo, Hiroshi Endo, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Water-dispersible ultrathin Au nanowires prepared using a lamellar template of a long-chain amidoamine derivative"
Chemical Communications 2011, vol. 47, p.p. 6380-6382.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Yoshiro Imura, Clara Morita, Hiroshi Endo, Takeshi Kondo, Takeshi Kawai,
"Reversible Phase Transfer and Fractionation of Au Nanoparticles by pH change"
Chemical Communications 2010, vol. 46, p.p. 9206-9208.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Clara Morita, Hiroki Sugimoto, Keisuke Matsue, Takeshi Kondo, Yoshiro Imura, Takeshi Kawai,
"Changes in viscosity behavior from a normal organogelator to a heat-induced gelator for long-chain amidoamine derivative"
Chemical Communications 2010, vol. 46, p.p. 7969-7971.
(Royal Society of Chemistry)
Yoshiro Imura, Masamichi Kawakami, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kawai,
"Network of polystyrene particle strings fabricated using glass slide with hydrophobic and hydrophilic periodical patterns"
Colloid and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 2010, vol. 358, p.p. 153-157.
Yoshiro Imura, Hiroko Nakazawa, Emi Matsushita, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kondo, Takeshi Kawai,
"Characterization of Colloidal Crystal Film of Polystyrene Particles at the Air-Suspension Interface"
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2009, vol. 336, p.p. 607-611.
Takeshi Kawai, Akihiro Sumi, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kondo,
"Preparation and Photocoagulation in Chloroform of Au Nanoparticles Capped with Azobenzene-Derivatized Alkanesulfides"
Colloids and Surfaces A-Physycochemical and Engineering Aspects 2008, vol. 321, p.p. 308-312.
Yoshiro Imura, Maho Suzuki, Clara Morita, Takeshi Kondo, Takeshi Kawai,
"Fabrication of 2-Dimensional Honeycomb Film by using Polystyrene Particle Monolayer"
KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU 2007年, 64巻, p.p. 166-170.
(The Society of Polymer science, Japan)


総説など Reviews

伊村くらら, 「水環境系におけるナノ物質抽出分離をもたらす刺激応答性界面活性剤ゲルの有効性」
"Advantages of Stimuli-responsive Surfactant Gel for Removal of Nanomaterials from Water"
オレオサイエンス(日本油化学会), 2020年, 20巻, 9号, p.p. 431-437.
伊村 芳郎, 伊村 くらら, 河合 武司, 「水と有機溶媒への分散性を示す金ナノ結晶と結晶構造ごとの分離」
"Water-oil phase transfer and fractionation of pH-responsive gold nanocrystals"
色材協会誌(色材協会), 2020年, 93巻, 7号, p.p. 205-209.
伊村くらら, 「界面活性剤-貴金属ナノ結晶複合体の形成による機能発現」
Colloid & Interface Communication(日本化学会コロイドおよび界面化学部会), 2019年, 44巻, 1号, p.p. 19-22.
伊村くらら, 「貴金属材料の持続的な活用を目指した新しいナノ粒子回収の試み」
"Approaches for the Recovery of Noble-Metal Nanoparticles"
色材協会誌(社団法人色材協会), 2018年, 91巻, 7号, p.p. 227-232.
伊村芳郎、伊村くらら、河合武司, 「無機酸化物との複合による異方形態金ナノ結晶の安定性向上と触媒材料構築」
"High Stability and Catalytic Activity of Supported Anisotropic Gold Nanocrystals"
色材協会誌(色材協会), 2018年, 91巻, 4号, p.p. 132-136.
伊村くらら, 「外部刺激応答性の界面活性剤を基軸とした貴金属ナノ結晶の制御」
"Design of Noble-metal Nanocrystals Using Stimuli-responsive Surfactants"
オレオサイエンス(日本油化学会), 2017年, 17巻, 10号, p.p. 46-48.
河合武司, 森田くらら, 伊村芳郎, 「長鎖アミドアミン誘導体の刺激応答機能とソフトテンプレート機能」
ファインケミカル(シーエムシー出版), 2011年, 31巻, p.p. 38-44.


書籍 books

伊村くらら, 河合武司, 他(分担執筆)
「低分子ゲルの開発と応用」低分子ゲル化剤との融合によるエマルションゲル (シーエムシー出版) p.p. 89-96, 2016年5月.
伊村くらら, 河合武司, 他(分担執筆)
「ゲルの安定化と機能性付与・次世代への応用開発」ゲル化温度を自在に変えられる感温性エマルションの開発 (技術情報協会) p.p. 145-149, 2013年11月.