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Going on to Graduate School

Ā@In Department of Chemistry, about three quaters of graduates go on to graduate schools.
Most of students going on Ochanomizu University Graduate School from our Department take the cource of Chemistry and Biochemistry in Advanced Science.

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Master's Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry

  The master's program fosters in students the ability to acquire highly specialized knowledge as well as a wide range of fundamental knowledge, and develops creative individuals who think for themselves.
  Chemistry and Biochemistry Course is designed to study on the components of substance - a large variety of molecules, biomolecules and molecular aggregates - with respect to their structures and characters, synthesis and reactivity, and functions and phenomena. The course will provide education and research skills from wide viewpoints while putting importance on fundamental knowledge.

    ⇒Web Site of Master's Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry (in Japanese)

Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry

  Science today shows significant progress in borderline and interdisciplinary fields. And doctors of advanced sciences are playing an increasingly important role in the development of technologies. Recognizing the need for highly skilled professionals, the doctoral program combines specialized knowledge from a wide range of fields to foster application skills, and develops researchers who can use their extensive knowledge to break free of the confines of the specialized fields they have studied up to then and explore new ground. By encouraging research with individuals from a variety of different fields, the program cultivates the ability to identify targets so that researchers can contribute to borderline and interdisciplinary fields.
  In Chemistry and Biochemistry Course, researches cover a variety of fields like Materials Science, Complexity Science and Life Science.

    ⇒Web Site of Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry (in Japanese)

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